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The Fall of A Black Man

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The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

~ Dr. Martin Luther King jr



The Fall of A Black Man

By Brandon Lunsford

Copyright, 2003


I have seen the first trees to ever release oxygen on this earth.


I have eaten of their fruit since the days of my youth, since birth.


I was given dominion over all the results of the Creator’s work.


I saw the very first woman, named her and claimed her.


I was there since the beginning of time.


I have built the pyramids and the great palaces.

I have conquered ancient kingdoms and lands.

I struck fear into the heart of the Roman Empire.

I organized civilization in these deserts of sand.

I tamed the Nile, Tigris, and Euphrates rivers.

I am an ancient achiever.


I was the first warrior, and the first emperor.

I was the first storyteller, and the first interpreter.

I was the first scientist, the first mathematician.

I was the first psychologist, and the first physician.

I was the first philosopher, artist and musician.

I am the originator.  I always have and always will be.

I won’t stay down for too long.  I must be free.

I was destined to be strong.  I am royalty.


I am a black man.

The first and the last man.


I am  the black man.

Power flows from the strength of my hands.


That was my history, at a time when I walked with God and communed with Him.

At a time when I was pure and not used to sin. 

But now I have lost my entity.


I have allowed people to strip me of my identity.

I have allowed them to make me forget that I am royalty.

I turned away from God when I used to follow loyally.

I have lost my sense of courage and bravery.

I have been brought down to the lowest degree by the chains of slavery.


I have been trained to depend on someone else to survive.

I have been trained to run away from problems, taught not to fight.

I have been trained to abandon my parental duties as a father.

I’ve been trained to disrespect and degrade our women.

I have been trained to stab my own people in the back

in order to get some personal gain of something I lacked.

I am a black man and I have fallen.


I look into the mirror and forget my skin is dark.

I portray whatever image I need, to get my name on the top of the charts.


I fight to get on top and abandon all those that helped me get there.


I have forgotten who I am so much that my own people have me scared.


I tend to the “man’s” needs and every begging plea.

Just to earn a small seat at the table of high society.

I change my God-given physical traits.

In hopes that this will be appealing to the so-called “superior” race.


I am a black man and I have fallen.


I distribute the poison that’s slowly killing off my race.

I accept it because of all the cash I make.

Instead of fighting to get these streets clean and safe,

I let the “man” send it in, do my dirt, and turn my face.

I have been publicly and socially defined as a disgrace.

I no longer know my name because of this shame.


I am a black man and I have fallen.


I have so much anger and bitterness bottled up within me.

It’s not even directed toward my race but I’m so blind I forget whose the enemy.


I allow ignorant people to stereotype me because of my foolish way of life.


I allow the government to control me because I choose to commit crime.


Values of strong family unity and the importance of the father in the home?


All forgotten.


I am a black man and although I have fallen, it’s up to me if I want to make a change.


There is still hope for my people but I have to start learning from my mistakes.


The Creator is still present and He still sheds His grace. 


He said it’s His will that He will never forsake. 


So black men get reconnected and step up to the plate.


The revolution, the transformation begins today.



**This poem is copyrighted and used with permission from the author

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