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I long to "Dance With My Father" once again.
Thanks Luther for such a heartfelt song.

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 Vandross Gets Platinum Plaque From Davis

By The Associated Press, Mon Dec 15, 1:41 PM ET

NEW YORK - A recuperating Luther Vandross (news) has another reason to celebrate.

The 52-year-old singer is hospitalized at a rehabilitation center after suffering a debilitating stroke. Earlier this month, he got word that he'd been nominated for five Grammy awards for his album, "Dance With My Father."

Last Friday, he received a visit from RCA Music Group Chairman Clive Davis, who gave him a platinum plaque for his album, marking more than 1 million in album sales, according to Vandross' publicist, Lois Najarian.

The visit was a surprise, and it put Vandross in a joking mood.

"This calls for a special cake too!" the singer said, according to Najarian.

Vandross suffered his life-threatening stroke in April, two months before the release of "Dance With My Father." The album became Vandross' fastest-selling disc, and to date has sold 1.5 million copies.

A Helping Hand from Others

Some try to bear the burden of sickness alone, but there is no time when we need the support of friends and others more. Keep in mind St. Paul's powerful analogy: "We are the Body of Christ" joined together like the body's limbs. "If one part suffers, all suffer together; if one flourishes, all rejoice together." Illness is a time when friends, family members, even strangers, bring Christ to us.