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In The Dark
I seldom get visitors after dark; so when my doorbell rang one evening, I hesitated before answering.  I opened the door to an elderly woman.  She looked troubled; and her first words were, "Can you tell me where I am?"

I told her the name of the road, but it meant nothing to her.  She had set out to visit her niece, whose house she had been to only in the daytime; and she had taken a wrong turn in the dark.  When she came to the end of my road and could go no further, she realized she was lost and came to my door for directions.  I told her how to go back to the main road; she would be able find her way from there.  She reversed her car and drove cautiously away.

On our journey through life, it is easy to lose our way in the dark.  We may go on blindly until we are forced to stop and ask God for direction.  Once we are humble enough to seek God's help, God will guide us.  This guidance may come through the words of another believer, the words of scripture, or in prayerful insight about a next step we are to take.

~ Marigold Gidman
Dorset, England