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A Moment of Inspiration
Celebrating Black History Month

Dr. Carter G. Woodson



Dr. Woodson was born December 19, 1875, to illiterate slave parents.  Due to being the eldest of nine siblings he supported his family at a young age, causing him to begin his education far later than other children.  Yet, he strongly lived by the words of a motto, “Never too late to learn.”  Following his education, he pursued a career as a high school teacher, but sadly discovered that the school systems fail to teach the history of black Americans.  He took it upon himself to shine the light of black history on the world.  He started the Association for the study of Negro Life and History.  This organization was designed for others to study the significant accomplishments of black people in the past.  On February 19, 1926, Woodson established, “Negro History Week”, causing the celebration to escalate to a full month.


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AMOI would like to thank the past, present and the leaders of our future for establishing significance to the black race.