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A Moment of Inspiration

A Moment of Inspiration was named Ivillage SuperSite for the month of January, 2003.


To A Moment of Inspiration

“You have to embrace your past in order to have a foundation for the future.”

--Dr. Harold Carter


February is a time to celebrate Black History Month.  To go back in time and come face to face with the strength, courage, pride and intelligence of our beautiful African and African-American leaders.  We must not forget the struggles they have endured to pave a brighter future for us.  We must re-discover black history and share it with our children.  Show them the great efforts that these phenomenal role models have and still are making toward the differences that stood before us.  Check out the list of museums and take a day or two to pay them a visit.  Encourage our children to think about being creative and use their talents to make a change.  After all, they are the leaders of the future and it’s important to learn of their past in order to pave a way for a brighter tomorrow. 


February is also a time for the traditional Valentines Day celebration.  It is a time for love, flowers, candies and kisses, LOL.   Check out the list of things to do to take the Valentines spirit throughout the year.  Remember, if you would like to share some inspirational words of your own, or if you know of an inspirational angel feel free to submit the information to for publication

Have fun, spread the word and don’t be too long before your next visit.


God bless,

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