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A Moment of Inspiration

Another Testimony

I was living in the midst of hell.  My parents died just three months apart and at the age of 20, I was left all alone in this humongous world.  My only sole dependence was a dead-end, low paying job to get me through the hard times.  I wasn’t much into praying, however, I did believe in God and at this point in my life, I felt it was the only thing that I had to clinch to.  I needed a higher power to relieve me from the pain and misery that had settled deep in my heart.

After relentless praying, I was blessed to find a motel that offered cheap rooms within my price range.  The motel was ruined down and filled with noisy kids, junkies and bums, but it was all I had at the time.  Working throughout the day and taking classes at night, I managed to achieve my Bachelors, and was promoted to supervisor of my department.  I was finally able to afford a much more decent apartment of my own. I often look back on those hard times as a test from God to prove how strong my faith was.  I wouldn’t have been able to achieve none of my triumphs if it wasn’t for the grace of God.


Delvin C.    Houston, TX

“O Lord my God, I called to you from hell and you healed me.”

“O Lord, you brought me up from the grave.” (Psalm 30:2-3)


Here's the story of my path to faith...
I was seven months pregnant and on my way to satisfy a late night craving. The streets were empty and I thought it would be a quick trip to the local KFC and back, boy was I wrong. Well, it would have, had it not been for the drunken driver in this SUV that ran a light and crashed into our car. The impact was so intense that it spinned our car out of control, and the results led me to go into a state of shock. After numerous surgeries on a severely broken ankle, I was blessed to be alive.  After going through court procedures, we discovered that the driver of the SUV didn't own license or auto insurance. Two months later, my baby was born unharmed. Oh Lord my God I will give thanks to thee forever, (Psalms, 30:12).

Many of us associate our most deeply-held convictions with a single, life-changing experience. Others have always held certain beliefs sacred. In either case, it is important to talk about our experience and share our story or testimony.

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